Ideate. Create. Engage

At Creative Mud, we've mastered the art of shaping the marketing journey for brands! Our clientele contains companies from an array of different sectors that require different marketing requirements & strategies. Our team contains different domain & platform experts that love what they do and put in the time & effort to ensure your targets are attained.

Concepts and campaigns

An advertising campaign begins with a clear & central premise or concept. And we've delivered campaigns for brands from an array of sectors - from well-established names to budding brands - we've worked for them all! The research begins with a clear understanding of the target audience, the brand values, platforms and figuring out a clear line of communication. Once, all the research is in place; it's all about creating an engaging marketing mix and executing it on the right platforms effectively. Our team consists of passionate, creative specialists and technical platform experts that do all the heavy-lifting for your brand. So let's collaborate, and spark up new mesmerizing ideas for your ad campaign!

Marketing collateral

Marketing collaterals are the essential tools & the backbone of the entire creative & communication process. Sales script, presentations, promotions, product data sheets and many other types of collaterals require concise & striking content & design. Our creative teams will ensure that you have the right sales & marketing aids that will make your sales effort easier & more effective.

Corporate Identity & Brand content

At Creative Mud, we focus on creating a persona of your brand that will allow your target audience to associate it with a feeling. This is the very essence of advertising that we nurture for you and your company. With our ideas and creative prowess, we'll ensure that your brand gets the human touch it deserves and evolves impeccably. Look at some of the biggest brands out there - they've transcended into something more than just products & services. They become the symbols of joy, trust & happiness. That's what we aim to do with your brand!

Outdoor and OOH

Outdoor advertising must be grand, bold & magnificent! At Creative Mud, we start by strategically picking the right destinations that are rich in footfalls and replete with the right target audience. Then the marketing mix that we create for your brand gets to work and invites the right amount of healthy attention from the right audience while they're outside their homes. Whether it's with spectacular billboards on brand avenues or subtle but majestic OOH advertising solutions, we'll ensure that your brand is seen by the people who you're targeting.

TV & Radio Advertising

Television & radio advertising is here to stay! We all have grown up watching, remembering & even reciting many popular television commercials. These ads become a part of not just the culture but also the popular lingo. Taglines like 'Thanda Matlab.....' or Yeh Dil Mange More' or 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye' have lived on through generations! And it is with this love for Television & Radio mediums, that we approach every project! Our creative team, passionate about what they do, ensure that your brand earns the focus of your audience. Our media buying team also looks after securing the prime spots for these ads.

Let's Work Together Advertising
We work with clients from start-up to global company, if you've got a project get in touch and we'll get the ball rolling