A Delightful Brand Story Begins here

Creative Mud is more than just an Advertising Agency! Our work philosophy defines us as the Potter brand that carefully shapes the clay that is your values, core ideas and product into an impeccable final brand.

Branding is a never-ending journey, but that means the fun never ends for us. That's because we love branding and everything that it entails. Adding consciousness, identity & direction to your marketing journey is something that always excites us!

Corporate identity and logos

An iconic brand begins with an iconic logo. It creates recall more quickly and effectively. Imagine some of today's biggest brands without their logos! They feel incomplete, don't they? That is how much this little design element can make a difference.

At Creative Mud, our team understands the significance of a striking logo. With our experience of working with an array of different brands, we can combine the existing brand elements with new ones and create a fitting corporate logo that resonates with your audience.

Brand guidelines

Your brand guidelines define your company's modus operandi. It is a collective presentation, reaction, activity and communication. Your brand guidelines ensure that your communication and identity remains consistent through the entire marketing journey. And consistency elicits trusts and that's the path we set for you with the brand guidelines.

At Creative Mud, we create brand guidelines that run parallel to your core values and safeguard your company's image in every way. They're easy to adhere to, and also provide you with great opportunities to convert brand curiosity into loyalty.

High Quality Branding

Consumers are looking for a brand that symbolises & advocates trust, and not just a mere product or a service. High Quality creates & reinforces your brand's persona. It also promotes your business ethos in a pleasing and satisfying manner. It is a process that leads to pure brand creates various stages in the consumer-brand relationship.

High-quality branding encompasses every activity that your brand undertakes. Whether it's the selection of a colour for your product, the website, the TV commercial, radio jingle, digital and social media presence - everything!

At Creative Mud, apart from growing your brand from the level up, we go beyond and spot key branding opportunities to capitalise and grow upon. And branding doesn't end there! It percolates in every customer call or email that you send out.

Product and packaging design

The fight for supremacy on the shelf is real! And for that, there's no doubt that your brand needs to stand out to become the first choice for your customers. As customers spend only a few seconds, there's a very short window of opportunity that every brand gets.

At Creative Mud, our products designs ensure that your products convey the right message in the most concise manner and can cut through the blinding light of your competitors. Our product designs offer compelling visuals, and that creates a strong recall and connection for future purchases as well.


Your presence in print is a tangible one. Whether it's on a billboard, t-shirt, poster, collateral or newspaper, it is something that stays and leaves a mark. It is an opportunity to make an impression. At Creative Mud, we care about your print presence just as much as your digital portfolio. With us, you can be assured that your brand never fails to impress no matter where it is placed.

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