Data-driven & interactive solutions for the digital landscape

The digital landscape has grown emphatically and shows no signs of slowing down! More and more people are spending more and more time online. This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. And at Creative Mud, we've got the right people, right tools and the right skill set to help you become the master of the digital world.

Social Media Marketing

Today, customers are more interested in knowing what the world is saying about the brand and social media is the best way to drive organic conversations. Our team is equipped with an army of adroit social media ninjas who drive on a conversational path to create a buzz & organic interest around your brand.

We work across all platforms and help you walk past their intricacies and challenges unscathed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Youtube – we operate on every one! Meet our ninjas, and we'll get the wheels turning for you

Search Engine Optimization

Is your brand ready for inbound participation? Customers post, look for and search for an array of things on Google or other search engines. It is imperative that you provide them solutions to their problems without trying to sell them the product every time! But for your solution to be seen, your website must be ranked above everyone's.

The SEO team at Creative Mud, works around the clock to ensure that your brand brings in more organic searches and inbound conversations.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines provide the biggest & quickest opportunities to pitch your product to your audience. Also, the conversation is inbound, as in, the customers are looking for you, not the other way round. This is where you can straight-sell and close to deal right away!

At Creative Mud, we'll ensure that your product or service CTA reaches out to everyone looking for it.

Social Media Optimization

Just like the world of Search Engines, social media is a microcosm of queries, conversations and curiosities. The social media ninjas at Creative Mud employ strategies to promote the awareness of your brand and product or service. We aim to maximise the sharing of your inbound content and also drive traffic towards your website for boosting enquiries and lead generation.

Email Marketing

Are your brand emails going to spam? And is the audience opening every mail you send them? If you're by these questions, then the content specialists at Creative Mud are here to help you out. Right from an intriguing subject line to crisp content with high stickiness, we'll ensure your mails bring back the right leads and communicate your message in a concise manner.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing provides the foundation for almost all your digital marketing activities and Inbound marketing. It impacts your search engine rankings, social media conversations and shares, helps create an aura of trust around your brand. The buyers are directed towards you, and at Creative Mud, we provide you with content can help satisfy their queries. Hence, your brand becomes the problem-solver for your audience! By carefully planning the production, storytelling aspect or the monetisation of your content, our content marketers ensure that you're driving organic conversations.

Google Adwords

The proper implementation of keywords and Adword analytics keeps the relevancy of your ad campaign at the highest! Our certified digital marketers ensure that your campaign is backed by the right keywords to subtly fit into the mass conversation that takes place on search engines.

Also, Google Adwords allows you to make the most out of Google's pay-per-click advertising system.

Your time & money are the major resources at play here. At Creative Mud, it's all about providing you better ROI and lower cost per lead.

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a culmination of SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing and all other digital intricacies. What makes digital marketing amazing, is the fact that it is measurable, more customisation and dynamic.

At Creative Mud, our Digital marketing experts ensure the precise targeting of your marketing communication to provide you with better ROI and engineer your growth. We take care of every aspect of the digital front to give your real & tangible returns.

Online events & activities

It is evident that people are spending more time online and more connected today than ever before! Whether you're in a flight to Berlin or sitting at across a restaurant in Brussels, you're aware and connected.

At Creative Mud, we not only create exciting online events for your brands, but we also ensure that they're supported by the latest trends as well! We look after its promotion, management and success.

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