Compelling detail in every frame

The video format has always been the go-to format for all marketers! The audience loves a crisp & engaging brand video with high production value. With the rise of platforms such as YouTube & Facebook, your video has a better chance of attaining viral success. And it's not just about digital; the traditional television format also has a legion of followers that you must look to engage!

At Creative Mud, we provide high-quality branding & corporate videos that add more engagement value to your brand. Also, our experts guide you through all the various stages of video production such as pre-production, post-production, editing and more!

Corporate video and branded content

Some of the best corporate identities today have dropped the age-old tactic of creating dull introduction videos. Now it's about going half-way to meet your audience by employing the correct lingo, storytelling aspect – all while preserving the core value &n guideline of your brand.

At Creative Mud, we produce high-quality corporate videos that set you apart from your competition and create a bridge towards seamless brand introduction.

Films/TV commercials

Some of the most iconic TV commercials have become a part of popular culture! There are still millions of loyal viewers who enjoy watching television. At Creative Mud, we aim to make your brand be remembered for good in the 30 odd seconds we get to showcase it.

Now with advanced DTH services, even Television advertisements can be measured and their ROI can be tracked! We provide you with an array of production services such as music, talent, editing and more!

Animation video

Animation has almost zero limits – it allows you to take your audience on a different plane of thought and create a powerful bond. At Creative Mud, we empower a team of skilled animators with our creative expertise to create a brand-specific and a memorable animation video.

We provide you with an array of pleasant animation styles that suit your brand's persona to create high-impact videos!

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